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Advanced Excel Certificate Course by CA Anurag Singhal

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No. of Lectures:  12
Video Duration:  3 Hours

Internet is required for 1 or 2 seconds each time when video player is started.

3 Times Views means watch time allowed is 3 times of the video duration for each video individually. For example, if a video is of 1.5 hours, time allowed to view would be 4.5 hours. Suppose you watch for 10 minutes and close the player, you will still have 4 hours & 20 minutes remaining. Watch time will not be consumed while doing forward or backward in the player. In case you watch 10 minutes at the speed of 1.5x, it shall be counted as 15 minutes.

Digital Certificate to be issued on 100% Completion of Course. 

The operational efficiency of any knowledge professional can improve significantly with an up gradation of his/her skills of MS Excel. With every additional function that you learn, life can become a lot easier.

Have structured the course as follows:

1)      Warming Up

2)      Data Analytics

3)      Data Lookup

4)      Pivot Table

5)      Logical Functions

6)      MIS Reporting

7)      Data Cleaning

8)      Scenario Building

9)      Financial Functions

10)   Charting

11)   Formula Auditing

12)   Keyboard Shortcuts

I hope this will significantly enhance your efficiency on the workfront

Don’t just read this book like a novel. Practice it and the learning curve will be the steepest

‘The proof of the pudding lies in the eating’. So let the pages make their sales pitch themselves