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How to Pass CS Exams by CA. Rajat Mohan

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Publisher: Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.
Edition:         2nd edn., 2020
Year:         2020
ISBN:         978-93-86920-38-6
Pages:         136

About How to PASS CS EXAMS

Chapter 1       Hitting CS is a Miracle - Result is Low
Chapter 2       BEST: Books Notes Teacher
Chapter 3       Self Study vs. Coaching Classes
Chapter 4       Training
Chapter 5       Cheating Good or Bad
Chapter 6       Revise! Revise! Revise!
Chapter 7       How to Retain Information
Chapter 8       Se7en days before Exam – Final Revision
Chapter 9       Examination week
Chapter 10     In the Examination Hall
Chapter 11     Admit Card
Chapter 12     How to write CS exam?
Chapter 13     Bad Handwriting
Chapter 14     How to answer ‘Out of Course’ questions?
Chapter 15     Rankholders talk?
Chapter 16     FAQs
Chapter 17     Checklist
Chapter 18     Slum-boy
Chapter 19     Girl Power
Chapter 20     Hope
Chapter 21     Money can’t buy time
Chapter 22     Wilma’s way
Chapter 23     Trust yourself
Chapter 24     Techniques for Relaxation
Chapter 25     Handle Stress
Chapter 26     Quality vs. Quantity
Chapter 27     Talent vs Attitude
Chapter 28     You are always Right!!!!
Chapter 29     You will get IT!!
Chapter 30     What We Must Learn?
Chapter 31     Try Again
Chapter 32     Small & Powerful Lessons
Chapter 33     Last But Not The Least
Chapter 34     I, Me & Myself