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Master a Winning Mindset Certificate Course by Abhinav Bindra | Pre-recorded Masterclass

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India's only Individual Olympic Gold Medalist, Abhinav Bindra shares with you the skills he built, the relationships he nurtured and the environments he created to be a champion so that you can use his tools of success to succeed in the boardroom or the classroom. A masterclass designed and delivered so that you as a learner can take the lessons from sport and implement it in your life to build a winning mindset.
No. of Masterclass: 8
Masterclass Duration: 59 Mins

Key Takeaways from this Masterclass

  • Learn how to build teams, environments and the skills to be a winner in a boardroom or classroom!
  • With personal experiences, the chapters are easy to follow and winning advice easy to implement in your life.
  • Candid insights from the champions on the days he failed and how he overcame them to be the Champion he is today!

Episode Summaries
Episode 1. Introduction - 03:03 mins
Episode 2. Skills that make a difference - 09:25 mins
Episode 3. Relationships that build champions - 11:20 mins
Episode 4. Creating Environments to hone success - 10:36 mins
Episode 5. Winning starts in the mind - 09:33 mins
Episode 6. Resetting Goals - 02:05 mins
Episode 7. Being secure in your Mind - 09:07 mins
Episode 8. The process is the Gold - 03:36 mins